3 Marks of a Real Man

We live in a society that seems low on doses of masculinity. And the occasional representations of masculinity we do encounter often twist and pervert God’s biblical intention for men. What, then, is masculinity according to Scripture? In the book of Ruth, Boaz demonstrates three qualities every man needs. He provides: when Boaz discovers his... Continue Reading →

Well the Pastor Gets Paid, So…

It's a common assumption; you and I have heard it before. We get tired of the exhausting work of ministry and, understandably, we want to take a break. If the church members can't carry the load, then there is always the pastor and his family. I mean, he gets paid, right? So it's his job!... Continue Reading →

Adoption, Not Abortion

Meet Meredith Keen. She has a story to share that we all need to hear. But first, let me tell you how I met her. Earlier this year I posted lyrics to a song I had written called Lament for the Unborn (you can read the lyrics in my post here). The response to this... Continue Reading →

How Good to Dwell in Unity

My pastor is currently preaching through a series on conflict. I have benefited so much from his deep exposition of the Word of God on this topic. To complement my pastor's series on conflict I decided to write a hymn that addresses the topic of biblical unity. I plan to teach the tune to our... Continue Reading →

Allowing God into the Room

Recently while eating lunch with a friend he mentioned to me a struggle I often experience. When faced with temptation, I know I should choose to think about truth. But it seems like theology is the last thing I want to think about. Why is that? Temptation Versus Truth Photo credit: unsplash.com Theology is simply... Continue Reading →


I've created a page on my blog where you can access sermons I have preached. I pray they will help you feed on the Word of God. Check them out here!

Hymn Writing for the Ages

When I saw a picture of Notre Dame on fire, my first thought was, "How in the world? Is it even possible?" It's easy to think in our modern era that things like this can't happen. Yet, somehow, disaster still strikes. I want to sound the same warning about our modern hymn movement. Conservative evangelical... Continue Reading →

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