Adoption, Not Abortion

Meet Meredith Keen. She has a story to share that we all need to hear. But first, let me tell you how I met her.

Earlier this year I posted lyrics to a song I had written called Lament for the Unborn (you can read the lyrics in my post here). The response to this song was so overwhelming I decided to do more with it. Several musician friends freely gave of their time and money to help craft, arrange, and record a moving rendition of Lament for the Unborn. I am so thankful for their efforts. They truly believe in this project. The end goal is to make a lyric video that churches, pregnancy centers, and pro-life groups can use to help forward the pro-life movement. While working on Lament for the Unborn, a composer friend of mine suggested Meredith to play cello for the recording. And she was the perfect fit. Here’s why:

  1. You have an interesting life story that makes Lament for the Unborn a meaningful project for you. Can you share it with us? I was adopted at 2 days old to a wonderful family, so my story is not filled with many ups and downs or miraculous interventions. My miracles came about before I was even born. Every adoption story is a miracle story. God perfectly orchestrated my adoption story between my birth mom and my adopted parents. This project is so meaningful to me because it shows the abortion issue from a different voice—the voice of the child that will never have that miracle fulfilled.
  2. What impact do you hope Lament for the Unborn and similar pro-life projects will have? I hope Lament for the Unborn makes people stop, think, and ponder what is really being done in this country on a macro scale. I also hope that pro-life people will share this video with EVERYONE. Unfortunately, sometimes if we don’t share, or only share among our friends or like-minded people, our pro-life stance and position can become an echo chamber and never reach far or see its full impact.
  3. Let’s imagine you have a close friend confide in you that she is considering an abortion, and she wants your advice. What would you say to her? Living in Greenville, SC, we are rich with incredible resources to help in any crisis mode and give guidance both physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The two places I would send this friend are the Piedmont Woman’s Center and Morningside Baptist Church. In speaking to this friend personally, I would emphasize 3 things: the understanding of how alone and scared she must feel, the humanity of the unborn child, and how adoption IS THE ANSWER for both her and the unborn baby.
  4. A lot of sincere Christians I know are horrified by the tragedy of abortion, but they don’t know what to do. What suggestions do you have for how we can get involved? There are several ways you can become involved in the fight against abortion. One way is by volunteering at a local outreach. This could be at a place like the Piedmont Women’s Center that does everything from providing ultrasounds to counseling. Another way would be to coordinate church events that could help mobilize these grass-roots organizations. The difference in bringing down the national statistic of how many abortions are done in this country yearly will start at the community level—the community coming together to reach out to these mothers to nurture them and let them know there is a better way, there is another alternative.

I’m very thankful God orchestrated Meredith into this project. She’s taking time to be salt and light in this dark world. Years ago someone in her life made the choice of adoption over abortion. Now Meredith is making the most of her time by making a difference in this world, to the glory of God. What will we do?


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