What Joshua Harris and Adoniram Judson Have in Common

I posted a few pictures from this past week of Emily and I traveling in New England. We had the opportunity to visit not only Boston, but also Salem and Plymouth.

On our trip we started reading “To the Golden Shore,” a biography of the life of Adoniram Judson by Courtney Anderson. Judson’s early days and family history are thoroughly interwoven with both Plymouth and Salem, so the history has really come alive for us.

Then this last week, by the astonishing providence of God’s sovereign hand, popular Christian author and pastor Joshua Harris recanted his Christian faith. I have struggled for words to express what I see happening. I’m saddened and grieved by his actions. But, as Emily and I read Judson’s biography tonight, I discovered I did not need to write any words to explain what I think I see happening. They have already been written in this biography. I’d encourage you to read these paragraphs and reflect; it will only take a few minutes. As a young boy, while recovering from a deadly illness, Judson grappled with a very different but equally deadly enemy- worldly ambition.

Pray for Joshua Harris to humble himself. Pray for your pastor and your friends in ministry. Our flesh never gives up, even though its power is broken. We all are in need of daily grace to fight the pride within and live for true greatness- delighting in the glory of God.

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