Hang in There, Mom & Dad

I’m up late and can’t sleep because my circadian rhythm has been thrown off yet again by our 5-month baby girl. Oh yes, you moms and dads out there know what I’m talking about. And since I have your attention, and I can’t sleep, please allow me to speak two truths of encouragement for weary... Continue Reading →

The Gospel and Social Justice

The rise of the political organization Black Lives Matter and the modern social justice movement has caused no small disturbance in the American church. Some people are confused, some are overwhelmed, some are overconfident, and some are deceived. I'm specifically concerned for friends of mine in conservative Christianity who are blindly accepting this movement while... Continue Reading →

My Declaration of In(ter)dependence

Dear God, Please help me to recognize my need for interdependence today. In a world that relentlessly demands I embrace my independence, help me to realize you have a different plan for my life. Help me to remember your wisdom in Ecclesiastes chapter 4. 9 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward... Continue Reading →

Is Christianity a Religion of Shame?

Even though I disagree with the LGBTQ+ movement, I try to cultivate relationships with people of that persuasion. It is often uncomfortable. Because I believe every person is made in the image of the God, I try to treat every human being I meet with dignity and respect. And I try to listen to their... Continue Reading →

“I Didn’t Know God”

At first when he answered the phone I thought it was a joke. I had reconnected with a friend I hadn't talked to in ten years. But he sounded nothing like the friend I used to know. I even told him it didn’t sound like him. Of course, that made things awkward for a bit.... Continue Reading →

The Weak Church: Making Much of Christ

Planted in Weakness Christianity has enjoyed a position of strength in Western society for a long time. The church once commanded kings, encompassed nations, and dominated the world. But things were not always this way. Before the Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity in the Byzantine Empire through the Edict of Milan in 313 A.D., Christianity was... Continue Reading →

The Corn is Still Growing

Every day on my way to work I drive past cornfields on the outskirts of town. I enjoy watching the farmers plough the soil, fertilize it, and plant the seed. But growth doesn't happen overnight. If you expect a freshly planted cornfield to grow much in an hour, you will be highly disappointed. You could... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Watch TV

When I was in high school a friend of mine recommended the book Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. It was and still is a fascinating read; Postman proved to be prophetic regarding the negative influence of television and show business on our culture. I wish I could say my initial reading of that... Continue Reading →

Is Peace Even Possible?

Words cannot do justice to the tragedy and devastation our nation has experienced over the past month. Within the pressure-cooker of the Coronavirus pandemic we continue scraping at the festering wound of sinful racism. My heart breaks for my fellow black neighbors and for every police officer out there. Yes, the Christian heart pulses with... Continue Reading →

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