Still Percolating

Hi friends!

It’s been a while since I last posted. A few years ago I began pursuing more pastoral training at Westminster Theological Seminary. I had to make the tough decision to cut out blogging for a season in order to make time for the extra responsibilities. Since then, a lot has happened. My family and I move back to South Carolina from Pennsylvania, I began serving as Lead Pastor of our current church, and we are now expecting our fourth child due in May!

I wish I could have blogged more, but it is healthy to say “no” to opportunities for certain seasons of change. Just like coffee needs time to percolate, we too need time to adjust and learn how to best minister in new stages of life. I am still percolating to some extent. I am not sure how often I will be able to write, but I do want to share a few exciting updates with you.

Lament for the Unborn

Two weeks from Sunday on January 22nd, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, the official lyric video for Lament for the Unborn will premiere on We plan to share the video on social media and make a special post on this blog. Please be on the lookout for the video so you can like, comment, and share, or set up a showing at your church or organization.

The song pictures the anguish a young mother faces when she considers an abortion, but also promises hope to those who feel trapped and helpless. Our website will include resources for those facing difficult decisions regarding abortion. It will also provide suggestions for ways anyone who is concerned can help. The video is completely free to use, so please help us get the message out there!

New Choral Anthems

I have also had a few new choral pieces published since last I wrote. I am very grateful to the Wilds Christian Camp for bringing these songs to life!

God Indescribable

First up is this brand new single with a lyric video. 🎶 Some songs come quickly, others come after a lot of time and hard work. This song was five years in the making, but I’m so thankful for how it turned out!

I tried to capture the heart of Psalm 36:5-6:
Your steadfast love, O LORD,
extends to the heavens,
your faithfulness to the clouds.
Your righteousness is like
the mountains of God;
your judgments are like the great deep;
man and beast you save, O LORD.

Nature’s trio of oceans, mountains, and heavens sing the praise of God’s incomprehensible wisdom, righteousness, and love. 🌊🗻☁️

His Countless Scars

The Wilds published “His Countless Scars” on their CD with full orchestration this past summer. It fits well with Christmas or Easter as it traces the life of Christ from the cradle to cross.

These lyrics were especially personal for me, because we all bear scars (both external and internal). The scars of Christ remind us God has a sovereign purpose for every scar. The scars of Christ won our salvation! We tend to want the scars to fade away, but praise God Christ’s scars don’t. Instead, they prove we are forgiven. There’s a mysterious beauty in that truth.

I am excited to say there is even more music to come in the future. I will share as I am able. Have a wonderful 2023!

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