“Right to Choose” = Right to Abuse

As I grow in my understanding of the issue of abortion, I have begun to realize we are battling more than one dark evil. Often the discussion is narrowed down to the life of the unborn child. Make no mistake, the life of the unborn child matters infinitely to God.

But another even less-discussed evil is the lie that women are being allowed to choose. Take a moment to listen to the heroic women who have counseled young pregnant mothers grappling with the issue of abortion. You will learn abortion does not enable a women’s right to choose. Rather, abortion enables women’s abuse. Yes, a woman can legally make a choice to terminate a pregnancy, but that’s not really the main issue at stake. That’s not the driving reason behind the movement. What is the reason?

How we all would weep if we knew the countless stories of young women, buckling under the immense pressure of an unexpected pregnancy, as a boyfriend, or a husband, or an employer, or a “medical professional,” or a sex trafficker constantly whispers in their ear, “Get rid of it.” And sometimes the pressure and abuse goes far beyond mere words. God only knows everything these women have suffered. Oh, and did I mention all the money that changes hands when they make their “choice”?

When you turn over the rotten log of the evil of abortion, you find countless other evils scampering from underneath. Darkness does not like the light. God not only cares for the defenseless unborn child; he deeply cares about the defenseless pregnant mother. Often men are told to sit down and shut up because it’s not their body, but I refuse to be shamed out of my God-given call to stand up for the defenseless, the abused, the needy. Men, don’t be ashamed of offering protection to the women in your life and calling for it in our society. Your voice needs to be heard. Stand up for life- not just for the unborn child, but also for pregnant mother.

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