Lament for the Unborn

I know some of my songwriting projects will probably never get published because of their topic or message. But there are times as a songwriter you just have to put pen to paper. Your heart is in it, and you must write. Such is the case with my “Lament for the Unborn.”
I wrote this song some time ago, but it just sat in my files. After the vote in New York and the celebrations that followed, I cannot be silent. This lament is intended to haunt us as Americans, to awaken us to the depth of our depravity, and to turn us in repentance to God.
UPDATE 6-26-19: I’ve been working on a project with Faye Lopez and others to record this song and create a short lyric video. We recently finished the recording and are in early production stages with the lyric video. Please pray that God would use this project for His glory. It will only prosper if God chooses to prosper it. If you know of pregnancy centers looking for a video for their fundraising banquets or for use in pro-life rallies, please contact me here. Also, please contact me if you know of any churches that would like to show the video on National Sanctify of Human Life Sunday. I’d love to let you know when the project is ready to be released. May God have mercy on us as we seek His forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Lament for the Unborn

Secret teardrops,
Silent cribs,
Speak of countless lives unlived.
Hear a heartbeat
In a tomb,
Can this be a mother’s womb?
The defenseless
For a promised paradise.
Lies of freedom
Drown the pain,
Loud and harsh like driving rain.
Forgive us, mighty God.
We confess; we repent.
Defend them, mighty God.
We regret, we lament.
Midnight vigils
Left unlit
For the infants deemed unfit.
Can they tell us?
Can they hide?
Can they help what we decide?
Forgive us, mighty God.
We confess; we repent.
Defend them, mighty God.
We regret, we lament.
We pray for a future,
We hope for a day,
Your image will be sacred
The innocent will play.
We long for Your justice,
We know You are strong.
Oh God, right the wrong.
Forgive us, mighty God.
We confess; we repent.
Defend them, mighty God.
We regret, we lament.
© Copyright 2019 by Cameron Pollock

3 thoughts on “Lament for the Unborn

  1. Douglas Bachorik January 23, 2019 — 6:19 pm

    Thank-you for your words.They had to be written.My heart has been broken for so many years that nobody will save our babies.I spoke to teen girls against abortion over thirty years ago when we lived in Orlando.Abortion has become their birth control.Thank you for the reminder that we can’t forget and have to keep speaking out.We are the guardians of these little ones.They cannot speak for themselves.Like the Holocaust we must never forget.Someone needs to remember and cry.I will.Diane B.


    1. Diane – thank you for sharing. I’m hoping to do more with these lyrics in the future, so pray for the project as you think of it!


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