The Fruit of the Womb

A little over a week ago, my wife and I welcomed our third daughter, Lucy Virginia, into the world. It was an excruciating yet thrilling experience, and the joy never diminishes with each child. I think it actually increases. I cannot tell you, though, how many people have asked us, "Is this your first one?"... Continue Reading →

Is Abortion a Good Thing?

You may think my title question is absurd. To many, it is incomprehensible that abortion could be a good thing. And yet, at the same time, many millions of Americans believe the exact opposite. They would say, "Of course abortion is a good thing." The above question exposes a polarizing divide in our nation. And... Continue Reading →

Lament for the Unborn

I know some of my songwriting projects will probably never get published because of their topic or message. But there are times as a songwriter you just have to put pen to paper. Your heart is in it, and you must write. Such is the case with my "Lament for the Unborn."   Please see... Continue Reading →

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