Entertained or Edified?

Recently I watched an intriguing YouTube video by bass player and composer Adam Neely called “Learning to Like Contemporary Christian Music (the music I hate).” Adam takes us on a interesting journey as he studies the style and form of some of the big names in modern contemporary worship. I agree with much of what... Continue Reading →

I Would Rather…

It’s easy to grow discontent with life. We might covet another person’s home. We may admire their talents or personality. We may wish we had just a fifth of their intellectual capacity. Perhaps they are more popular, or powerful, or physically fit, or whatever. “Thou shalt not covet” is part of the big 10 because... Continue Reading →

Providence: Seeing God on the Mountaintop

Several years ago, I joined with a group of men to hike the Continental Divide Trail. We drove north from Denver just past the state border into Wyoming and backpacked with our tents, water, food, and equipment for three days. We ascended over 11,000 feet on Lost Ranger Peak in the Mt. Zion Wilderness, and... Continue Reading →

More than a Cosmic Accident

Are you a cosmic accident? Is your purpose nothing more than to exist for a few passing moments on this earth, only to fade away with the mass of humanity? If so, why in the world does this life even matter? If God is not in the picture, these questions leave us hopeless. The Christian... Continue Reading →

Just Who Do We Think We Are?

I distinctly remember sitting in a church service, listening to a seasoned southern preacher lament the turn of our society away from God. At the high point of his sermon, he cried out, “Just who do we think we are?” I can still hear those words echoing through that auditorium as we all sat in... Continue Reading →

Designed for Worship

One of my college professors compared the structure of the Psalms to a soaring European cathedral. The great architects of the ancient cathedrals understood their buildings not only served a function (to provide shelter for God’s people as they worshiped) but also embodied an art form that expressed praise to God. They designed flying buttresses to... Continue Reading →

On Blogging, Psalms, and Songwriting

For years I have looked askance at blogging as the annoying platform of wanna-be writers. Obviously I have changed my opinion, or I consider myself a wanna-be writer who wants so desperately to write more that I am willing to risk annoying others to do so. You be the judge. Either way, I decided to... Continue Reading →

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