Fanny Crosby: Her Song Goes On

It seems fitting to conclude my series of blog posts on American hymnology by focusing on one of America’s most well-beloved hymn writers, Fanny Crosby (1820-1915). Even though Crosby passed away over a century ago, she still speaks to us through timeless texts like “Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross,” “To God Be the Glory,”... Continue Reading →

How Good to Dwell in Unity

My pastor is currently preaching through a series on conflict. I have benefited so much from his deep exposition of the Word of God on this topic. To complement my pastor's series on conflict I decided to write a hymn that addresses the topic of biblical unity. I plan to teach the tune to our... Continue Reading →

Created to Compose

Famed missionary Eric Liddell is known for saying, “I believe God made me for a purpose—for China. But he also made me fast, and when I run, I feel his pleasure.” I often feel the same way. Only, I would say, “I believe God made me for a purpose—for the church. But he also made... Continue Reading →

Songwriting Stories: We Remember Christ

I don't have much time to blog this week, so it's a great opportunity to share another songwriting story. Today my newest anthem from Shawnee Press hit the shelves, We Remember Christ (click on the song title to listen). It is a collaborative effort with my friend and songwriting mentor Robert Sterling. I say it was... Continue Reading →

Hymn Writing for the Ages

When I saw a picture of Notre Dame on fire, my first thought was, "How in the world? Is it even possible?" It's easy to think in our modern era that things like this can't happen. Yet, somehow, disaster still strikes. I want to sound the same warning about our modern hymn movement. Conservative evangelical... Continue Reading →

On Blogging, Psalms, and Songwriting

For years I have looked askance at blogging as the annoying platform of wanna-be writers. Obviously I have changed my opinion, or I consider myself a wanna-be writer who wants so desperately to write more that I am willing to risk annoying others to do so. You be the judge. Either way, I decided to... Continue Reading →

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