21 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 17

In an effort to emphasize the season of Thanksgiving, I’m celebrating it all through the month of November. Earlier I explained my 21 Days of Giving Thanks challenge (which you can read about here). Today let’s give thanks for the gift of the Bible.

Day 17 – Give Thanks for Reading God’s Word in Your Own Language

The English speaking world enjoys a wealth of Bible translations unlike that of any other time in church history. Today millions of Americans attended church and clearly understood the words on the page in front of them, not because they are Greek or Hebrew scholars, but because God has gifted the modern church with people serious about Bible translation. Obtaining a copy of God’s Word in your language is as simple as clicking a button to read the Bible online or downloading a free app on your phone. If you want a copy for yourself, you can have it.

Beyond that, we enjoy what has been called “an embarrassment of riches” when it comes to Bible study resources. Scores of competent authors have made their materials free online, besides the volumes and volumes of careful works available for purchase through a myriad of publishers. We, more than any other people in the history of the church, have no excuse for being ignorant of God’s Word.

The reason we enjoy such a wealth of knowledge about God’s Word is simple. Hundreds of years ago men like John Hus, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, and others dedicated their entire lives, and in some cases died, to preserve and translate the Word of God. They wanted every person to have the opportunity to read the Bible in their own language. Today we enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Challenge: Thank God for being able to read the Bible in your own language. Take time to research the life story of one Bible translator in church history.


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