Lesson Learned in 2019

Every New Years, instead of making resolutions, I try to look back over the year and make a list of "lessons learned." This year I think I can honestly say one big lesson stands out above the rest. Any other lessons I learned either flowed out of this big lesson or led me back to... Continue Reading →

God is My Co-Pilot?

My wife gave me a drone as a gift this past Christmas. I immediately learned the benefits of drones when an unsuspecting neighborhood cat walked into our back yard. Unfortunately, it was my first flight, and in an attempt to scare the cat away I crashed the drone in the woods behind our house. Flying... Continue Reading →

Never Overwhelmed

I always enjoy listening to people order food at a restaurant. The waiter asks if they want ice or no ice. Someone wants to know if the sauce is spicy or tangy. Put the ranch dressing in a cup on the side, not on top of the salad. Is the bread gluten-free? I married into... Continue Reading →

Designed for Worship

One of my college professors compared the structure of the Psalms to a soaring European cathedral. The great architects of the ancient cathedrals understood their buildings not only served a function (to provide shelter for God’s people as they worshiped) but also embodied an art form that expressed praise to God. They designed flying buttresses to... Continue Reading →

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