The Silent Treatment

Perhaps the most hurtful thing you can experience in a relationship is being ignored. Confrontational arguments and occasional verbal jabs cause damage, yes. But being treated like you don't exist means there is no relationship. And, worse yet, there is no hope of repairing a broken relationship if either person decides to shut down. A... Continue Reading →

The Superman Complex

Last week I had a surgery,¬†and the recovery has gone well. By the time the weekend rolled around I felt pretty good. However, feelings can be deceiving. I started playing with my two toddlers on their level, which means a lot of moving, carrying, and running. By the time Saturday night rolled around, I was... Continue Reading →

We All Are Ministers

Last week I enjoyed the privilege of traveling with my wife to a Pastor's Fellowship sponsored by ARCH Ministries. ARCH is a network of likeminded churches and pastors who emphasize discipleship in their local churches towards the goal of planting churches in every county in the United States (or partnering with likeminded churches in every... Continue Reading →

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