What Was Lost (free book download)

I recently decided to share a fictional youth mystery novel I have been working on over the winter, entitled What Was Lost. Originally I started by posting each chapter as I was able. I’m sorry to say that process often left many readers wondering what would happen in the next chapter, sometimes for weeks on end.

But not anymore. I’m happy to announce I finished the book! The PDF is free to download below, although I may edit it several times in the near future (good writing is re-writing!).

This post is a bit outside the box for me. For a while now I have been burdened to influence Christian youth in American culture to live for Christ. It is not an easy time to be a Christian young adult. And the beauty of blogging is I can write basically whatever I want. Many of the places and events are based on actual places and events from my own life. There’s even some hidden literary allusions for you literature nerds out there. I hope you will share it with the young people you know. And please let me know what they think!

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