What Was Lost (chapter 2)

It’s time for chapter 2 of my youth mystery novel, What Was Lost. If you are wondering why I am suddenly writing youth fiction, please read the explanation in my last post by clicking here. That post also includes chapter 1. Enjoy! ~CP

Chapter 2 – Vanished

The headline read, “Semi-Truck Vanishes on I-25.” Milton knew I-25, his dad drove over that highway every day to get to work. His family took it all the time while going to church, but usually they drove south. It was a large, multi-lane highway, a main artery that lead to heart of downtown Denver. Apparently this incident happened just north on I-25, only about 15 minutes away. He clicked on the video to see the report. 

A well-groomed, 30-something man held up his microphone. He was standing on what appeared to be the shoulder of the highway, with several emergency vehicles flashing their lights behind him. “Good morning, I’m Warren Kramer with 9 News,” he began. “It was at this spot at approximately 2 AM that the unthinkable happened. An Amazon semi-truck, fully loaded, was heading south on I-25, when it apparently vanished into thin air. Amazon company records indicate that the driver, 47-year old Marcus Sanchez, was driving a typical company route when the incident occurred.” The camera panned to the left as the reporter took a few steps over and focused on a lady standing by herself. She seemed cold, scared, and bewildered. “We have eyewitnesses from the scene,” the reporter continued, “who are still stunned from this shocking occurrence.” “

Ma’am,” he said, turning to the lady, “can you tell us what you saw?” 

“Well, I’m not exactly sure how it all happened. All I know is I was driving down the highway, and I saw headlights approaching me.” 

“When you say you ‘saw headlights approaching you’ do you mean they were on the opposite side of the highway?” the reporter questioned.

“No,” She continued, “that’s why I was so startled—the headlights were on my side of the highway, coming towards me. I slammed on the brakes in panic, and the headlights in front of me went down behind that little dip in the road.”

“And then what happened?”

“They never came over the hill. They just… vanished.”

“And you never saw the lights again?”

“Never, it was the strangest thing. It was like the truck was driving at me, went down the hill, then disappeared. I would think I’m going crazy, but all these other people saw the same thing as well. A couple of people rear-ended each other, but thankfully the highway wasn’t very busy this late at night. I don’t think anyone was seriously injured.”

As the eyewitness spoke, the camera panned out to reveal a long line of cars beginning to back up on the highway.

The reporter wrapped up,“Thank for taking the time to speak with us.”

He turned as the camera focused on him, “As you all can see, everyone is a bit bewildered and baffled here. I’ve spoken with several eyewitnesses who have stayed to talk to police, and the stories are all remarkably consistent. Authorities say only a few individuals were taken to the hospital with minor injuries…”

The reporter’s words faded into the distance as Milton tried to wrap his mind around what he had just heard. A whole semi-truck, vanished? There was no way this kind of thing was possible. Sure, he had heard of airplanes disappearing and all those myths about the Bermuda Triangle, but this was 15 minutes from his house on a highway he traveled almost every single day.

Forgetting the brownies and the milk, he headed back upstairs to his room. What could this mean? It was so bizarre; he couldn’t wait to tell his mom and dad before they saw it on the news. By morning, everyone would be talking about it. Semi-trucks don’t just disappear every day. At the same time, it was also unsettling. Why did it happen? And if it happened just 15 minutes away on I-25, where else could it happen? He started to wish he had slept through the night and heard the news in the morning. Uneasily, he slipped into bed and tried to get comfortable under the covers. Then he turned out the light. There he lay, wide awake, until sunlight started peeking around the edges of his dark blue window curtains.

Click here for chapter 3.

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